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by t i g on June 23, 2015    View comments
Scenes from the neighborhood
Walking through the neighborhood to the learning center in Phnom Penh
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Class Room
Walking through the neighborhood to the learning center in Phnom Penh
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Garden Path - We entered in through the gardens...
I arrived with the first group in Phnom Penh Friday night. The second group wasn't expected until Saturday night so we had a free day to explore Phnom Penh. Our first stop was King’s Palace. This is where the King lives and there was a lot of beautiful architecture.
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Phuket, Thailand - See the video: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
by Patrick Shyu on May 19, 2015    View comments
Full video: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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Day 27 : Goodfellas
Having coffee at break time with these goodfellas from work.
Day 26 : A Room With A View
The view from our master bedroom overlooking the backyard.
Day 25 : What Goes Up Must Come Down
That drip from the window I took a picture of on Day 18 is a result of issues in our attic. The fix required us to empty the attic, and the only place left to temporarily store everything that was up there .... is down here in the basement.
Day 31
How I usually spend my Saturday mornings: procrastinating getting out of bed.
Day 30
Had my good friend, Sonya, over for breakfast this morning before getting started on our Social Studies unit plan. We toasted waffles, made café lattes, and ate a few figs the Bensason way.
Day 29
Temperature: - 20°C Feels Like: - 28°C Forecast: Heavy snow, gusty winds, 12cm expected by tomorrow Note: 47 crashes reported in region over the last 5 hours It's the start of the storm.
Day 28
Never thought I'd say it - but after a long day, doing a bit of mindless cleaning as the sun sets is a nice way to wind down.
Day 27
Jamie left for Kitchener today to say goodbye to his great uncle Jerry. I wish I could've joined him.
Day 26
My current obsession - broiled lettuce. Sounds gross, looks nasty, I know. But, if done right, a lightly toasted piece of romaine is pretty damn good. Here's the dressing I made with it, courtesy of - 1 Tbsp spicy mustard - 1 Tbsp white vinegar - 1 Tbsp light mayonnaise - 1 Tbsp lemon juice - 6 cloves garlic, pressed or grated - Healthy pinch each salt and pepper - 1-4 cup olive oil - 1 Tbsp fresh rosemary, chopped Top that off with some aged cheddar, and you got yourself a...
Day 25
Spent most of Sunday walking through the Byward Market and Centre Block with Jamie, hoping to snap a few nice pictures. I didn't have much luck. On our way back home, we walked down the Rideau Canal, weaving through skaters, and ended up stumbling upon a maple syrup shack! I couldn't resist. We treated ourselves to some "tire sur la neige" ... and froze our fingers trying to eat it without gloves. In the end, I think I'm happy with how today's picture turned out - here's Jamie, with his bristly ...
Day 24 : Mortar & Pestle
Maryse and I took cooking lessons while vacationing in Thailand some time ago and discovered using the mortar & pestle to prepare various pastes, dressings and seasonings. We eventually bought our own set and have begun to use it more often in our own cooking.