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by ad454 on July 7, 2012    View comments
Photos by myself and my roommate of our moving out while our apartment is renovated.
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Ok so hello everyone My name is Alexis Giraud, I'm 14 years old and I live in France. So to start I'm just telling that My English is or will not be great sometimes so don't juge me by my difficulties writting or understanding English. Now I was wondering: Why do boys (generally) look for sex and girls (generaly) don't... or do they? Why do boys have that kind of "Prince" or "hero" statue in Books or films and why girls have that "princess" that his waiting for her "prince" or "hero" to alway...
new cummer SLR - SLR
フィルムカメラが増えている。 いずれ感材、DTPの受付も終わるんだろうなと思いつつ、 いや細々と残っていくという期待をしつつ。 フィルムカメラの沼にはまっている。 35mmだけでなく中判にも手を出してしまった。
@yamakoshi - smc-m 28mm f2.8
by okinawachan on June 29, 2012    View comments
かつて都会に住んでいたときには考えられないことなのだけれど、 気が向けばすぐそこに大自然があるのが今自分のいる場所だ。 最近、近所に「フクロウ」がいるのを発見したし、昨日の朝などは庭で 季節外れのウグイスが鳴いていた。 夕方時間が出来たので(実は最近少し時間をもてあまし気味)、お気に入りのトートバッグに これまたお気に入りのカメラを放り...
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a day - GRD3 cross process
by okinawachan on June 28, 2012    View comments
毎日様々なお宅にお邪魔している。それが仕事です。 各家とも月に一回で年12回。この12回という数字はあっという間に終わる。 この仕事をするようになってから1年が早い。 写真はすべてRicoh GRD3で撮った。mac apertureでの現像時クロスプロセスを加えている。 だから不自然な色というわけ。 1枚目の写真は橋の上。 この川は細いのに周りは沢山の草に囲まれている。 ...
Tseuzier - Col du Rawil
Première rando "estivale" - merci au GPS pour retrouver notre chemin dans la neige!
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Switzerland 2010-2
Switzerland is a dreamland for hikers and adventure-oriented people out there.
Narcissus singing - Male Narcissus Flycatcher at Onuma........
by Stella C Eagle on June 7, 2012    View comments
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The W. bros - 2/3 of my riding buddies
Posh neighbourhood - Home to famous former residents such as Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Madonna, Guy Ritchie, Sherlock Holmes, H.G. Wells...
A short family getaway over the Whitmonday bank holiday
Where else??
A few days' rest up there...
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The glorious Pully Sailing Club collects two medals!
Journée agréable passée à la Société Nautique de Genève
20 km de Lausanne - Tête de course
A yearly event in Lausanne in late April - a 20k race across the city - sometimes I'm in, sometimes I'm out like this time, but at least you get the pictures :-)
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AnnArbor 4-18-2012-1
by Andypiper on April 24, 2012    View comments
A few shots of Downtown Ann Arbor MI store fronts. These were taken while waiting for Julia to finish dance class. I very clear blue sunny day in Ann Arbor - which is not typical! I am very happy with the crisp blue sky. One of my favorite topics is store fronts. If you have any information or comments on these buildings I would be interested. Please feel free to post here or on my flickr page.
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DSC_3689 - Bisse du Roh
by celestialpilgrim on April 23, 2012    View comments
De Montana au Sanetsch en 2 jours avec une bande de potes et un peu de neige Un compte-rendu plus complet <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">ici</a>
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That Summer feeling...
Spent a delightful family vacation in and around Bangkok this last Easter - following is a hodgepodge of various happenings/activities
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