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Day 17 : Why You Li'l VARMINT !!
Just like in Bugs got away.
Day 17
My plan was to wake up early enough to go for a run before FaceTiming Grand-Maman Madelen at 10am. Instead, I mistakenly slept in and made myself an espresso with foamed milk. I'm officially counting down the days until I can have a coffee with Grand-Maman face-to-face. Twenty-six days to go! P.S. Tomorrow morning, I'm running! For real this time.
Day 16
This has been a long overdue purchase. I splurged a bit and bought the Swiffer with the mini vacuum. And thank god! The Swiffer ads don't lie... It has seriously given cleaning the apartment "a whole new meaning", aka... ACTUALLY clean. PS. Does getting this excited over a Swiffer officially make me a Clean Freak? ...Well, I think Mummy would beg to differ.
Day 15
Had to make the hour long trek to South Nepean for my final post-gum-graft check-up. I snagged the window seat on the double-decker bus, and actually enjoyed the dirty view while reading my textbook and drinking Bengal Spice tea.
Day 14
The first clear night in a long time. Couldn't have asked for a more relaxing sunset to calm my nerves before my South Korean interview. PS. It went well!
Day 13
These boots. Oh man, these friggin boots took me DAYS to find. Seriously. I researched, compared and thoroughly analyzed review upon review of the best winter boots. Sorel, Ugg, Timberland, Baffin, Columbia... ask me anything about any boot brand, and I can give you the down low. I called Marks Work Wearhouse, Little Burgundy, Lou's Boot Corner... no one in town had any of the boots I researched. In the end, I ended up buying a pair of boots from the Rideau Centre, only to return them, hop on th...
Day 12
Korean... Celebration? That almost rhymes, right? Look - it was either that, or 'Korea Diarrhea'. And for once, my cooking didn't lead to ... uhh, loose bowels. OK? On the menu tonight was a simple Korean recipe (as suggested by Mummy) to celebrate the scheduling of our first international job interviews! Two days from now we'll be chatting with our South Korean agent via Skype. EEK! Exciting! PS. The dish was a definite repeat.
Day 16 : Hard Hats on Hands n Knees & Ankle Deep
Late Friday afternoon and I was calling it a day, but these construction workers still had some work to do.
Day 15 : Pained Chicks
This evening we watched a BBC documentary series called Life Story. The series shows how animals attempt to overcome the challenges that face them at crucial stages of life. In the first episode, animals overcome their first great hurdle - surviving infancy. Flightless barnacle goose chicks face their greatest challenge at the very start of their lives. In order to find food they must leap 400 feet down a cliff from the ledge where they hatched - here is a link:
Day 11
You're looking at the freshest donuts Ottawa has to offer. Today started with a trip to Westboro with my good friend Sonya. We met up with our classmate, Julia, at Art Is In Bakery for a delicious breakfast, checked out Victoire - a vintage boutique with an edgy style - that I've promised myself to go back to, then had a nice chat over a cup of tea, and picked up Suzy Q donuts on the way home. I was stopped in the street by strangers at least twice, asking where I picked up these yummy Suzy Q's....
Day 10
Student by day, slave by night. Slave to dishes, that is. I spent my Saturday night cleaning three days' worth of dirty dishes. I used Jamie's portable speaker to play some jazzy tunes, slipped on those yellow gloves, and got to work! Three hours later, the kitchen was spotless.
Day 14 : Swarovski Park
Talk about a crystal clear morning. The combination of plummeting temperatures and a slight dusting of snow made for some amazing landscapes at daybreak today. Witnessed one of the most beautiful mornings in a long while. I walk by this scenery in Victoria Park every morning, usually with my head down watching my steps. But today was different. One couldn't help but be in awe of everything everywhere. It was humbling to be reminded just how beautiful nature can be, right in your own backyard.
Missa a la església de Sta. Catalina, a Betlem
La Coordinadora de les Conferències Episcopals en suport a l'Església a Terra Santa i l'Assemblea de Bisbes Catòlics de Terra Santa, "Holy Land Coordination" (HLC), mantindrà la seva trobada anual del 10 al 15 de gener . L'Arquebisbe d'Urgell, Mons. Joan-Enric Vives Sicília, representa, un any més, la Conferència Episcopal Espanyola (CEE) en aquesta trobada que se celebra amb l'objectiu d'apropar-se a la realitat eclesial, social i política de Terra santa, i conèixer la feina "in situ" ...
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Day 13 : This is Elvis
Elvis Ellison. Chef and owner of Ellison’s Bistro. Soul Food with Caribbean, European and Urban Finesse. On most Tuesdays, like today, I head over to Ellison's for lunch and get the jerk chicken special. $5.50 for a jerk chicken leg, complete with rice and peas. Flavourful without being too spicy...or pricey.
Day 12 : Vitamin C Ya
Got a nasty surprise opening up this clementine.
Day 11 : Death to Ashes
I decided to take a walk in Victoria Park today and happened to come across a series of Ash trees each bearing two spray painted red dots (never a good sign). The Emerald Ash Borer is a non-native, highly destructive wood-boring beetle that feeds under the bark of Ash trees. In five years it is expected that 80 per cent of the untreated Ash trees in the city will be dead. Large, healthy Ash trees are being protected while infested, dying or dead Ash trees like this one are scheduled to be destr...