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Day 19 : Priceless !
24 post dated cheques. 14 Orthodontist appointments. 100s of elastics. My daughter's beautiful smile with her braces removed today....
Day 24
After a week of hard work, I decided to start the weekend off by giving myself a bit of me-time. I pulled out Mummy's old watercolour set, made myself a cappuccino, and spent three hours fooling around with different colours. Most of them were crusty or dried out... but I had a few yellows, reds and blues to work with, which was all I really needed.
Day 23
Friday - the end of a busy week, without sleep. After Mike and Andreea left yesterday, I spent another all-nighter to finish a book report on a novel I hadn't yet started. After class I went for a short skate with the girls, came home for dinner and attempted to watch Selma with Jamie. I had to call it quits 15 minutes into the movie and ended up crawling into bed at 9:30pm.
Day 22
Before Mike and Andreea made the trek back to Kitchener, we took our skates out for a spin on the Rideau Canal. Not going to lie, I was a little rusty. Seriously though... My blades had literal rust. Poor Mike took a hard fall while skating backwards, and we all had a good laugh at his expense. We ended up warming up with some hot tea and sushi afterwards, and then reluctantly said our goodbyes.
Day 21
The final score was 4 - 3 for the Ottawa Senators. I was hoping The Leafs would snap out of their 5 game losing streak. Despite the loss (and the broken down bus on the way home), I'm happy to say my first NHL game was an absolute blast!
Day 20
Mike and Andreea drove up from Kitchener to visit us today. After my night-class, we checked out the Korean restaurant around the block for a late-night dinner. Mike picked out all the best dishes. It was one of the most delicious meals I've had in a long time. We'll definitely have to go again. PS. I recommend the Beoseot Bulgogi, the Bulgogi Bibimbap and a bottle of Soju, just for fun.
Day 19
Here was Jamie browsing reddit at 1am, about to go to bed. I was behind the camera, jealous and upset that I had to stay awake for another 3 hours, finishing up the 4 reports due this week. I ended up getting 2 hours of sleep that night, before being back in class for 8:30am. Just another Manic Monday...
Viajado de varias semanas por las principales ciudades del norte del Marruecos.
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Day 18
Woke up to the apartment draped in sheets this morning. I guess this is what happens when house rules are 'no laundry past 11pm' and you don't leave enough time for your bed sheets to dry the night before. Whoops.
Another Stellers BIF
by Stella C Eagle on January 21, 2015    View comments
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Day 18 : Drip !
by leonachi on January 18, 2015    View comments
Eeek! Water started dripping from the new window we just had installed in the master bedroom. Hoping it's something that can be addressed without too much disruption.
Day 17 : Why You Li'l VARMINT !!
Just like in Bugs got away.
Day 17
My plan was to wake up early enough to go for a run before FaceTiming Grand-Maman Madelen at 10am. Instead, I mistakenly slept in and made myself an espresso with foamed milk. I'm officially counting down the days until I can have a coffee with Grand-Maman face-to-face. Twenty-six days to go! P.S. Tomorrow morning, I'm running! For real this time.
Day 16
This has been a long overdue purchase. I splurged a bit and bought the Swiffer with the mini vacuum. And thank god! The Swiffer ads don't lie... It has seriously given cleaning the apartment "a whole new meaning", aka... ACTUALLY clean. PS. Does getting this excited over a Swiffer officially make me a Clean Freak? ...Well, I think Mummy would beg to differ.
Day 15
Had to make the hour long trek to South Nepean for my final post-gum-graft check-up. I snagged the window seat on the double-decker bus, and actually enjoyed the dirty view while reading my textbook and drinking Bengal Spice tea.
Day 14
The first clear night in a long time. Couldn't have asked for a more relaxing sunset to calm my nerves before my South Korean interview. PS. It went well!