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Day 14 : Swarovski Park
Talk about a crystal clear morning. The combination of plummeting temperatures and a slight dusting of snow made for some amazing landscapes at daybreak today. Witnessed one of the most beautiful mornings in a long while. I walk by this scenery in Victoria Park every morning, usually with my head down watching my steps. But today was different. One couldn't help but be in awe of everything everywhere. It was humbling to be reminded just how beautiful nature can be, right in your own backyard.
Missa a la església de Sta. Catalina, a Betlem
La Coordinadora de les Conferències Episcopals en suport a l'Església a Terra Santa i l'Assemblea de Bisbes Catòlics de Terra Santa, "Holy Land Coordination" (HLC), mantindrà la seva trobada anual del 10 al 15 de gener . L'Arquebisbe d'Urgell, Mons. Joan-Enric Vives Sicília, representa, un any més, la Conferència Episcopal Espanyola (CEE) en aquesta trobada que se celebra amb l'objectiu d'apropar-se a la realitat eclesial, social i política de Terra santa, i conèixer la feina "in situ" ...
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Day 13 : This is Elvis
Elvis Ellison. Chef and owner of Ellison’s Bistro. Soul Food with Caribbean, European and Urban Finesse. On most Tuesdays, like today, I head over to Ellison's for lunch and get the jerk chicken special. $5.50 for a jerk chicken leg, complete with rice and peas. Flavourful without being too spicy...or pricey.
Day 12 : Vitamin C Ya
Got a nasty surprise opening up this clementine.
Day 11 : Death to Ashes
I decided to take a walk in Victoria Park today and happened to come across a series of Ash trees each bearing two spray painted red dots (never a good sign). The Emerald Ash Borer is a non-native, highly destructive wood-boring beetle that feeds under the bark of Ash trees. In five years it is expected that 80 per cent of the untreated Ash trees in the city will be dead. Large, healthy Ash trees are being protected while infested, dying or dead Ash trees like this one are scheduled to be destr...
Day 10 : These Cookies Are A Hoot
Saturday morning and the girls decided to make these owl cookies. ... and yes, they tasted as sweet as they look!
Day 9 : Let's Go To Africa For Lunch
Marie-Michelle, my middle daughter had the day off from University so I invited her to join me for lunch at the African Cafe. Lentils, split peas, salad and tea spiced with ginger. She really enjoyed trying something new. It was fun spending time together ... and eating with our hands.
Day 8 : Ice Ice Baby
City crews were preparing the ice rinks in Victoria Park this morning. This shot was taken on my way to work. It was -15C outside. Sure enough, the rink was full of skaters on my way home. By that time the temperature dipped to -25C. Too cold to pull out my camera, but ideal for a game of shinny for die hard hockey fans.
Day 9
TECHNICALLY this photo was taken just before midnight in the evening of Day 8, but let's pretend I took it at midnight on Day 9 for the sake of this blog. Jamie and I had been up late, taking "professional headshots" for our international job applications. In an attempt to make him give me a "real smile" (as Daddy would call it), I started making strange sounds behind the camera - a technique widely used by my mum when taking family pictures. Eventually, Jamie started making his own strange soun...
Day 7 : Sorry, My Dad Ate My Homework
My youngest Genevieve, announced that she had to make something for her Food Prep class the following week. So, having nothing for dessert that night we encouraged her to practice ahead of time and bake one of our favourites: Raspberry Sour Cream Pie. Even though she has a goofball expression on her face, her pie was a serious success. A+ for sure. Pie didn't last long. I better be more disciplined the day she has to hand in her assignment, cause it might be "incomplete" if not.
Day 8
Just a few short blocks down York Street, there's an old historic house that's been transformed into a tea shop. It has a snug homey-feel: a faux fireplace, mismatched couches and eclectic lounge chairs... I'm told there's even a bathtub in the washroom. Since I had the day off school today, I met up with a couple girlfriends late this morning to check it out. I tried a pot of Arctic Fire, and it only cost me $3. I think it might just be my new favourite spot of the season.
Day 7
So this is what they meant when they said winters in Ottawa are cold. Environment Canada released a Extreme Cold Warning this morning. I captured this photo after walking home from school in -37 degree weather. Tonight it supposed to feel like -45. I think I can say I've seen the world through fresh eyes today... No, but seriously. I was literally looking through frozen tears.
Day 6
Taken just outside of my school's gym doors - post workout. Training for our first half marathon has officially begun! Today I ran just over a mile and was absolutely winded... I have a lot more work to do if I want to be able to do 13x that distance come May.
Buildings in the Red Square Moscow - The Kremlin, State Historical Museum, Kazan Cathedral
That might be a title to a James Bond movie, i was not really an early James bond was more of the anastasia story that got me hooked into thinking of going to Russia. I never really thought i could go there... so i was actually surprised when i realized i can go :) It was old, glorious, and cold. That is my best description of russia.
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Day 6 : Don't Look Down Mister
A twenty storey skyscraper is being constructed next door to where I work. Every morning before 7am and every afternoon at 3pm a crane operator climbs and then descends this crane by foot. If you look for it you can see him in his yellow vest close to the top. His descent takes about 3 or 4 minutes and if I happen to be looking out the window, I'll stop what I'm doing and watch him take each slow step until he gets to ground level. I get nervous driving over bridges. Got nothing but respect for ...
Day 5 : Holy Expoding Salsa
A "bindi" is a forehead decoration traditionally worn in south and south east Asia. The area between the eyebrows (where the bindi is placed) is said to be the sixth chakra, ajna, the seat of "concealed wisdom". It is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. Of course this has nothing to do with the red dot on my wife's forehead. If anything, she was lacking concentration trying to open the bottle of salsa which slipped from her hands, landed hard on the counter and exploded.